Mothers Day

May 2024
A video for all mothers in town! Thanks Mum is a short video that shows the chaotic life of a mother and how she always needs to multitask and solve problems. The video is a message to thank her for that.
Video — Daan van de Geest & Leon van Engelen
Mum — Robin Steegman
Sound — Sebastiaan Verbeeten
Art & Styling —Robin Steegman & Merel Kemp

A Life With Susan Bijl

August 2023

A life with Susan Bijl is a short video series for the promotion of the bags. The short videos show recognizable, but also absurd, scenarios of people using the Susan Bijl bags in daily life. The video’s celebrate’s the city, the people who live in it and the beautiful, but also handy products of Susan Bijl.

Video — Daan van de Geest & Leon van Engelen
Light — Leon de Haaas
Sound — Sebastiaan Verbeeten
Art — Daphne Themen
Casting & Styling — Merel Kemp